Shifting from a world of Polarity
into a World of Pure Potentiality

Shifting Polarity


Through this website I invite you to contemplate the possibility of shifting the world (as we know it today) into a world of joyful potentiality.


I will share my personal journey and I invite you to share yours as well.


The first project I am working on in that regard is entitled:


"How I Stopped Being Bi-Polar by Releasing my Belief in Polarity"


It might be of particular interest to those diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder, but I am sure it can be beneficial for all those who feel 'stuck' in one way or another and would like to transition to a more free and expansive state.


I will release the various chapters as blogposts, so please make sure to join my mailing list if you are interested in the latest updates.



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