Let's Get Aquainted



My name is Philippe, happy to connect with you.


I am currently 32 years old and about 10 years ago I was tentatively diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. I have never really liked to label myself that way, but the reality is that I had much to learn from that experience. In the beginning of 2019 however, I decided I could not go on playing the same game over and over again. Something had to shift.


I had always been questioning the nature of our reality, but never found a fully satisfactory answer, until now. Trough this website I share my experiences, so that you can see that even the most complex of issues can be shifted, whether it is Bi-Polar disorder you are strugling with or other seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.


And as we shift ourselves, we shift our world.


I am therefor greatly looking forward to your involvment. You can share your experiences in the appriopriate comment sections or let me know how the application of certain things I propose is working out for you. Are you ready for this next step in our journey together? I know I am.





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