Full Disclosure: Read this First!

Full Disclosure: Read this first!

Dear Reader,


In this blog I will take you through the steps of my journey thus far. It has been 6 or 7 months since I took a radically new approach to bi-polarity and I must say the results have been astounding. I do not claim that I have been ‘cured’ from a medical point of view, nor that I can help you in that regard. However, over this past half a year, I have been able to stop getting engaged in the bi-polar experiences on several accounts. In the few instances of what we could call manic flare-ups and the one occurrence of a descend into a depressive state, I was able to shift out of those within hours or a few days at best. If I compare this with the week-long buildups of the manic states in the past, or the depressive periods that would last months or years on end when I was still following conventional treatments, I must say the new approach has been truly transformative.


So while I have not yet been able to fully, and definitively, complete the bi-polar experience, I can catch it in the act – stop it, so to speak – and return to a peaceful state with more ease than I would have ever imagined. That is why I chose to already start sharing my experiences; one the one hand because it might assist you to shift sooner than if I would wait longer, but at the same time because I am sure I have a lot to learn from your experiences as well, dear reader. Even if I can possibly teach you a thing or two, I am in fact your fellow student. I am absolutely convinced that if we come together and collaborate, we will be able to realise a collective shift towards a world of freedom, joy and love a lot faster than we thought possible.


I am aware that the information I share is not for everyone. That is fine. Nor is my writing style the most common. I jump a lot from occurrences in my life to insights gained afterwards. The text is at once an auto-biographical narrative that shows you how certain things developed, a gradual build-up of information that leads towards acquiring a completely new perspective and an invitation for you to engage through little exercises.


Finally, everyone’s experience is different. There are certainly a lot of experiences in my life which you feel you cannot directly relate to, while you might have many very colourful experiences of your own; that’s the beauty of it. After a while you might however recognise how similar dynamics are at play in you life. In any case, I would really love to hear about your specific experiences – as well as how engaging with the material works out for you – in the comment section at the bottom of each post.


Let’s play and learn!








Please note that the comment section at the bottom of each post is reserved for those who truly engage with the material. More conventional comments [only the Lord our Saviour can deliver us, it’s all bullshit, etc…] are welcome on this specific page. Comments of this (polarised) nature not posted on the designated page will be removed. Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation!

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  1. Tamiflu
    August 13, 2020

    now that this is FINALLY announced I can write a little thing about it: i love this book more than life itself, lets be real. I’ve never read a book like it. Searing with heart and filled to the brim with humor, Camryn Garrett’s debut is a needed addition to the YA canon and is absolutely unputdownable, unforgettable, and so incredibly special. full disclosure: i came up with the title for this book. you seriously won’t want to miss it.


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