Full Disclosure: Read this first!

Full Disclosure: Read this First!

Dear Reader,   In this blog I will take you through the steps of my journey thus far. It has been 6 or 7 months since I took a radically new approach to bi-polarity and I must say the results have been astounding. I do not claim that I have been ‘cured’ from a...

Chapter 1: Origin

On the 26th of July 1986, shortly after 10 pm, a little boy is born on a bi-polar planet called earth. That little boy is me, Philippe. I am the fruit of the union of two opposite sexes and delivered by an aunt I later learned was manic-depressive (as bi-polar was then called), with...


Chapter 2: Childhood

I have always remembered my childhood as one filled with joy. As something I wanted to go back to. I know now why, yet I also know nostalgia is not the way to get there. I was a very playful, energetic and rather mischievous child; a stark contrast to the many years of depression...

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